I Like Your Products, How Can I Trust You ?

baharoya.com is an e-commerce company which has daily thousands visitors. The most popular visitor question is : “your products are very beautiful. I want to buy them. But how can I trust you ?”

We prepared this text for answering this question. Let’s find answer “How can we trust baharoya.com

A. Company Assurance:

  1. Commercial Company: We are sending your orders with an invoice. With this invoice you can use your legal rights and you you are under state guarantee. (If you are ordering outside of Turkey same situations are valid.) We are not working off the record. If a customer wants to buy off the record. We will reject this request.
  2. Commercial Brand: Bahar Oya is a registered trademark of Turkey with “Çiçeklerden İlhamla” slogan. For details : Bahar Oya Artık Türkiye’nin Tescilli Bir Markasıdır
  3. E-Invoice: Bahar Oya is using electronic invoice from 28.11.2019. For details: baharoya.com E-Fatura’ya Geçiş
  4. We are on news: We made a report in Star Newspaper. (which is very popular newspaper in Turkey) (For details: Bahar Oya Star Gazetesinde ) We are still contacting other Press Companies.
  5. International Sale: Our company has store on Aliexpress, Amazon and Etsy.

B. Secure Shopping:

  1. Secure Credit Card Transactions with iyzico: iyzico is licenced payment company in Turkey and it is a partner of PayU company. iyzico is licenced by BDDK (BDDK is governel company that checks bank transactions.)
  2. SSL Security for Hackers: We have SSL Certificate for your credit card security.
  3. Social Media References: Our biggest reference is hundreds of followers that daily connect with us on social media (Facebook / Instagram)  (For details:  Hedefimiz %100 Müşteri Memnuniyeti)

C. Service Quality:

  1. Unconditional Product Exchange Guarantee: You decided to buy a gift for your friend. But you are worrying your friend doesn’t like your gift. Or you like our necklace but you don’t know how it will be seen on your necklace. Do not worry. We are exchanging product that you don’t like. (For details : Ürün Değişimi Yapabilir Miyim ?)
  2. Careful Product Packaging: We are packing your orders carefully. We haven’t recieved a damaged package problem yet. (For details: Siparişleri Nasıl Paketliyoruz ?)
  3. Gift Cards: I want to buy gift. Can you write a gift card ? or I want to write my card. Can you send me a blank card ? Yes we can do it for you. This service is totaly free. (For Details : Hediye Kartlarımızla Hizmetinizdeyiz)
  4. Backorder Service Policy: The product that i like sold out. Can I request for restock ? (for handmade products you know they won’t be identical even if same person did it. But we can create a new one. Same employee will create it for you.) we can create with %97 success similarty. We have satisfaction guarantee on backorders. (For details: Ön Sipariş Hizmet Politikası)

We’re done. I hope we relieved your worry. If so let’s shopping…

Best Regards,


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