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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read Frequently Asked Questions before sending message.

What is the history of Bahar Oya Name ?

Our job based flowers. As in our slogan we are inspring from flowers. Spring is a base for flowers. Bahar is turkish translation of spring. We named Bahar Oya.

How long does production takes. If you don't have product ?

Production time depends of producer count. A lady can produce a necklace within 5-7 days. A bracelet production takes 1-2 days. For correct result please send your request to us. We will reply you after checking waiting orders.

If I order a product that you have in stocks, when will you deliver my order ?

If we have stocks, we will deliver your order in same day.

Can I return products ?

You can return products. But you should pay delivery of returned products.

Can we buy semi-finished product (like flowers only) instead of bracelet and necklace ?

Of course. You can buy and you can create your own jewelries. For this you should contact with us.