About Us

When did your shop founded ?

Bahar Oya was founded end of 2017 for selling handicraft products.

Where is your shop located ?

Our company that sells needle lace jewelries in Cappadocia/Turkey. We are collecting products from ladies. We have no physical shop. We are working in Home Office.

What is the history of “Bahar Oya” Name ?

For curious people, we want to specify that we have neither boss nor employee named Bahar. When we thought about company name. We need a container name without turkish characters. Bahar means in Turkish spring. Because of Our foreign sale mission turkish characters may cause problems. We want oya word in name. Because oya is also very popular word in other languages (like in Japan). We are doing this job as in our slogan “inpired from flowers”. All products are related with flowers. As we know spring comes with flowers. We called Bahar in Turkish. And we called our name as Bahar Oya. Frequently, we are called “baharcım“, honey, sweat, oh dear etc. But honestly there is no Bahar in here.